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Rock Assault Trail Nine Axle Housing

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SKU | 144022-1-KIT

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing

After years of competition testing and engineering, we are confident that The Rock Assault 9™ Axle Housing is the strongest 9" axle housing on the market. This housing has been tested in W.E. Rock, CalRocs, and King of the Hammers, so we know it will stand up to the toughest terrain on earth.

We started with a 1/4" formed shell for the center section made out of A572 Grade 50 Steel for increased strength. This is a high-strength, low alloy, structural steel plate with a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi! All of this is attached to an equally strong 1/2" face plate for anchoring the DOM axle tubes. The axle tubes are secured by the industry's first 3-Point Attachment System™, giving the tubes superior support and engagement into the center section. We also face the center section to ensure your differential mounts flush against the axle housing to prevent any leaks.

We also redesigned the Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing to allow for the use of both a 9" and 10" differential! This will give you the option to create an even stronger axle and give you that piece of mind knowing you have the strongest axle under your rig..


Part NumberDescriptionWeight
144022-1-KIT 9" Housing  (3" - 1/4" Wall Tube) 70lbs.
144021-1-KIT 9" Housing  (3" - 3/8" Wall Tube) 82lbs.
144050-1-KIT 9" Housing (3.5" - 1/4" Wall Tube) 75lbs.
144049-1-KIT 9" Housing (3.5" - 3/8" Wall Tube) 84lbs.



Note: The differential bolt pattern on 9" Axle Housings are NOT universal. Please check before cutting or welding

Note: If you are using our Rock Assault™ 9 Front Axle Housing, you will need to use a 10" ram for your steering setup.



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  • Weight : 100 LBS