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Samurai Longfield Front Axle Shafts

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SKU | 300752-3

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

Samurai Rock Assault™ Front Axle Shafts

These axle shafts are the best of the best; manufactured from 4340 chromoly and consistently tested to a failure rate of around 4689ft/lbs.  The shafts have a larger diameter than stock and are upgraded to 26-splines on the differential side. The Birfield side of the axle shaft and the inner race of the Birfield have been upgraded to 33-splines to better distribute the torque loading.


Listed below are the testing results of our new Samurai Rock Assault™ 33-Spline Front Axle Kit in comparison to stock and our old Samurai Front Axle Kit.

Samurai Rock Assault™ 33-Spline Front Axle Kit Testing Results
  Stock Old TG Kit New TG 33-Spline Kit
Torque (ft-lbs) 2637 3684 4689

  Available Options:

  • Samurai Rock Assault™ Front Axle Shaft, Short Side (33 to 26-Spline), 300751-3
  • Samurai Rock Assault™ Front Axle Shaft, Long Side (33 to 26-Spline), 300752-3

Axle Shaft Dimensions

P/N Description Length
300751-3 Samurai 33-Spline Short Side 14-7/8"
300752-3 Samurai 33-Spline Long Side 27-11/16"

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  • Weight : 40 LBS