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Battery Box Kit, Dual Optima Back To Back Configuration

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SKU | 300383-KIT

Manufacturer: Trail Gear

The TG Back-to-Back Battery Box will keep your battery where you want it, even on the toughest rocks and trails. We have all seen the results of batteries not held in place securely, or held in place by bungie cords: fire and sparks. The TG Back-to-Back Battery Box can either be welded or bolted into place with mounting holes located on the bottom or backside of the battery box. The TG Back-to-Back Battery Box is made out of 12 gauge steel and is shipped unfinished. The modular design of the TG Back-to-Back Battery Box allows for the battery boxes to be bolted together or disassembled for a different configuration. Once the TG Back-to-Back Battery Box has been mounted, you simply remove the three bolts and the top lifts off allowing you to remove or install the battery in minutes. The TG Back-to-Back Battery Box works with any optima 34/78 group battery. TG Back-to-Back Battery Box, 300383-KIT

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  • Weight : 6 LBS