• arb compressor

    ARB Compressor Kit

    Great to activate Air Lockers and inflate camping gear, tires and run air tools!

  • LED rock lights

    LED Lights

    These Waterproof LED lights are extreamly durable and only draw .03 amps!

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Let Trail Gear Canada help you with your 4x4 Truck Parts and get your rig ready for the trails. Most parts are In Stock and ready to go. We deal with all the customs and import problems and get the parts to you at american prices!

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  • Tire Plug Kit

    Tire Plug Kit

    Great for fixing tires quickly on the trail. Kit includes heavy duty T-handle insert tool, heavy duty rasp, 25 8" long plug strips, lubrication, 2 replacement tool ends and handy storage case. You have seen this same kit priced elsewhere for twice the price!

    Was: $28.29|$20.00

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